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Brand New Single 'Little Miss Attention' OUT NOW!

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The Milk Men

The Milk Men is a band made up from the cream of British R’n’B talent and pedigree.

Bringing together members of the legendary Pirates, and British Blues Award-nominated the Mustangs, The Milk Men have been tearing up venues and festivals all over the UK with their dynamic, white hot versions of classic blues tunes, alongside unforgettable foot-stomping originals.

With former Pirate Mike Roberts on drums, Lloyd Green (son of r'n'b legend Mick Green) on bass guitar, husky blues singer Jamie Smy on vocals, the band is rounded off on guitar by Adam Norsworthy, singer and guitarist in the Mustangs.

The Milk Men’s sound has been called ‘ZZ/DC Feelgood” by some critics, who have lavished praise on the band’s dynamic live show and original songs. But the band draws its influences from all corners of the blues world, from early Rod Stewart , through classic Rolling Stones & Steely Dan, to the heavier blues leanings of ZZ Top and AC/DC.

In 2016 the band released its critically-acclaimed debut album FULL PHAT. Their brilliant second album GOLD TOP was released in March 2018 and reached Number 2 on the iTunes Blues Chart and the Amazon Blues Chart Top 10. Some reviews hailed it as the best British blues rock album in years. 

In Spring 2020 the band releases the hotly-anticipated DELIVERANCE, an album that looks sure to cement the band’s reputation as the keepers of the classic British blues rock flame. 

All three albums showcase the band’s songwriting talent for great riffs, catchy choruses and cheeky lyrics. Smy’s husky blues voice and Norsworthy’s bluesy melodic guitar lines build on the lithe, tight and punchy rhythm playing of Roberts and Green. 

Check the band’s gig guide to see when they are playing near you, and get your delivery of full phat, gold-topped blues rock now! 

Contact: 0788 620 3481
Email: RagingHorse1@aol.com

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